Filming In Brooklyn is an up-and-coming blog with a readership that’s growing every week.  We offer different advertising options to meet every advertising need.


Our main advertising platform is  We have two Blogads adstrips running on Filming In Brooklyn, and you can quickly and easily set up an ad on either of them by clicking the bottom of the adstrip, where it says “Advertise on FilmingInBrooklyn”.  Or, you can click here.

Ads purchased through the Blogads network will run on every page of FilmingInBrooklyn for the amount of time you specify.  The longer the term that you choose, the less your weekly cost.


Filming In Brooklyn is actively looking for conference sponsorships.  Please email Amy for more information.

Custom Ad Campaigns

If you would like to advertise in a size or manner not mentioned above, please contact Amy to discuss alternate advertising campaigns.