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Don Cheadle talks about filming in Brooklyn with Stephen Colbert

On last night’s Colbert Report Don Cheadle talked a little bit about filming Brooklyn’s Finest in Brownsville.  (In fact, Stephen asked him a question about it similar to one that I asked director Antoine Fuqua.)  The whole interview is good, … Continue reading

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Ahsaan Mitchell, Brooklyn’s Finest Documentarian

A couple weeks ago I sat down with Ahsaan Mitchell, a Brownsville native, who filmed a behind-the-scenes documentary about what happens to a neighborhood like Brownsville when a big Hollywood production moves in for the summer.   His is an amazing … Continue reading

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Conversations With Brooklyn’s Finest, Part Two

Director Antoine Fuqua didn’t grow up in Brooklyn. And he didn’t grow up in South Central L.A., where his other cop drama, Training Day, takes place. He grew up in Pittsburgh, and got his first taste of filming when a … Continue reading

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