On Location With Brooklyn’s Finest, Bodega Edition

Yesterday we posted pictures of a scene being shot for Brooklyn’s Finest, of Richard Gere’s cop hearing a gunshot and running into a bodega. After several takes of that shot, they then shot the scene from inside the bodega, looking out to where Mr. Gere’s character was drinking a bottle of water before the gunshot.

Here’s the bodega as they get ready to light it.

All of the equipment had to be relocated from across the street.

This is Mr. Gere’s stand-in, taking Mr. Gere’s place during the lengthy lighting process.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get inside during the shoot, because it was cramped in there and absolutely nobody was allowed in who didn’t need to be there. But here’s a peek inside during the set-up (that’s director Antoine Fuqua second from the right, in the baseball cap).

It was during this set-up that Mr. Fuqua took the time to answer some questions for Filming In Brooklyn. We’ll be posting that interview tomorrow Monday.

Originally posted on Filming In Brooklyn

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