Clinton Hill’s Pratt Campus On The Fringe

The new J.J. Abrams-produced Sci-Fi TV series Fringe is filming right now on the Pratt Campus near DeKalb Avenue and Hall Street. Premiering in September with a ten million dollar, two-hour pilot episode on Fox, Fringe is hoping to capture the same kind of audience that once obsessed over The X-Files.

Here are the trucks taking up almost the entire block of DeKalb Avenue between Classon and Hall.

They’re filming in the middle of the beautiful Pratt Campus.

Here’s series star Joshua Jackson, getting ready to film a scene:

Same pic, a little closer. We’re dying to know what plot line has a character using a pay phone!

His entire shot takes place behind the phone.

We’ll be returning to Pratt a little later to try to get more pictures.

Originally posted on Filming In Brooklyn

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