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This morning’s tipster, Ethan, sent the following about watching the filming of the new Nic Cage movie, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, currently shooting at the National Guard Armory on Bedford and President, in Crown Heights:

– The loading dock on Union offers the best view of the shoot inside, which is a massive affair: at least a dozen trucks, trailers, etc. Big old cyclorama inside was visible from the street, and full-on carpentry, electrical, craft services (the fried shrimp looked yummy) arrayed around the perimeter of the building.

– a very friendly PA informed me that the shoot will be in the Armory at least until Sunday, but that seemed somewhat flexible. He also estimated the cost of the shoot at $250 million – very high-end, though that may be an overestimation.

Thanks Ethan!  If anyone is able to get any pictures (cell phone pictures work fine), please send them my way.

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