Is Clinton Hill’s Mojito a Kitchen Nightmare?

UPDATE 2/28/10: I ended up going to a taping of Kitchen Nightmares at Mojito, but promised not to write about it until after the episode aired, which it did on February 25, 2010.  I wrote about the Kitchen Nightmares filming on my other blog,

“Kitchen Nightmares” sets up shop in Clinton Hill

Kitchen Nightmares at MojitoI got a tip that the Gordon Ramsay show Kitchen Nightmares – one of my favorites – is filming at Clinton Hill’s Mojito restaurant.  For those of you not familiar with the show, Gordon Ramsay – the much bleeped but brilliant chef/star of Hell’s Kitchen – descends upon troubled restaurants and attempts to turn them around.  Some of the restaurants just suffer from bad management or awkward menus.  But sometimes, they’re overrun with bugs or rodents, filled with rotting meat, or staffed by morons who drop food on the floor and put it back in the pan.  I have no idea which end of this spectrum Mojito falls on, but basically, if you’re doing well you’re not going to end up on this show.

I stopped by for a few minutes this afternoon to confirm that filming was indeed going on, and it was.  But I wasn’t able to see anything.

Kitchen Nightmares at Mojito

Kitchen Nightmares at Mojito

The production had most of their trucks and equipment set up inside and in front of Victor’s Garage, next to Mojito, thus minimizing the street space they needed.

Kitchen Nightmares at Mojito

Want to be on “Kitchen Nightmares”?

FIB reader Nathan sent me a link to a Myrtle Minutes post about the shoot, and it gives details on how to be a (paying) diner at Mojito this weekend during the shoot.  If anyone goes, I’d love a report (if that’s possible – I’m guessing they’ll make you sign something saying that you’ll stay quiet).

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