Umm…Hello again!

So a funny thing happened after I said that I wasn’t going to post anymore: traffic kept coming.  I didn’t expect that.  I’ve always gotten a lot of my traffic from google, readers looking for pictures of a certain celebrity.  But after I stopped posting, people stopping by looking for a new post stuck around exploring old ones. I stopped posting because I was sure that it had to be an almost daily thing in order to keep traffic up and make it worthwhile, but I was wrong.

Then this morning, a bunch of pictures landed in my inbox.  So, I will post pictures and interesting tidbits when I get them.  I have no idea what the frequency will be.  But if you get pictures of a shoot please send them in, and I’ll post them, since there’s still definitely an audience.

Thanks to all of you for your support!

Originally posted on Filming In Brooklyn. Have a location shooting tip or some on location pictures? Please email Amy, or text the pictures to, or tweet the pictures to @FilmingBrooklyn. Amy also blogs at Purchases made by clicking on links from Filming In Brooklyn may result in this website receiving compensation from an advertiser or affiliate.

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