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“Kitchen Nightmares — Mojito” Updates

Wondering what happened to Brooklyn’s Mojito restaurant after Gordon Ramsay and the Kitchen Nightmares crew left? I’ve got all the details!

Outside shot of Mojito Cuban Cuisine, with a yellow flag hanging from a brick building.

Gordon Ramsay returns

Brooklyn Cuban restaurant Mojito’s gained fame after starring in an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The episode ended on a high note, with married (but separated) owners Katalina and Marcelo vowing to learn to get along in order to make their dream work.

Kitchen Nightmares returned to Mojito a year later to see how things were going, in one of their “Revisited” episodes. The first part of the episode is all a recap, so if you’ve watched the original episode recently, you can skip right to the nine-minute mark to see the update.

Katalina sits down with Chef Ramsay and reports that not only is business up 30% from before Gordon showed up, but they’ve paid off half of their debt, and are on track to be debt-free within another six months!

Chef Ramsay also visits the downstairs storage area, which was such a disaster a year ago. It’s now clean, organized, and not overstocked.

Katalina’s mother also makes an appearance. She’s been brought in as a peacemaker between Katalina’s stubbornness and Marcelo’s defensiveness.

But most importantly, Gordon really likes the food that Marcelo makes him!

The one sad note is that Marcelo and Katalina are not back together romantically. They both agree that they work best as business partners, not romantic partners.

Katalina’s Food Network appearances and social accounts

According to her IMDB page, Katalina made two appearances on The Food Network: on Chopped in 2012, and Cutthroat Kitchen in 2013. On TV she appears to be using the name Maria Velez. A few of her social media handles use the name MariaKata, so perhaps Katalina is her middle name.

She posts occasionally on Instagram. She also has a YouTube page, but it hasn’t been updated in years. Her Twitter account is mostly reposts from Instagram.

The most up-to-date account appears to be Facebook. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of Marcelo.

Mojito’s is now closed

Sadly, Mojito’s did closed, in March of 2016. Marcelo posted this message on the restaurant’s Facebook page:

In behalf of our entire staff. We want to thank all our Patrons for 13 years of support and loyalty,

Mojito Cuban Cuisine . Brooklyn location is Closed Stand by for our next Chapter. All the love #chefmkv

Facebook, 3/2/2016

You can see my account of taping an episode of Kitchen Nightmares here, and more pictures from the set here and here.

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